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Why choose TextilPoint?

  We have at least 17 arguments: 
  - There is no minimum purchase limit in our webshop.

  - Our prices are low, we are cheaper than the competition.
  - Our registered customers (2% after each order) have a loyalty point that can be redeemed.
  - VAT exemption for foreign customers with EU tax number..
  - 10% of our products are usually offered at discount prices.
  - Our partners participating in our loyalty program receive a discount of 3%.
  - Credit card, online payment is free for our customers.
  - The tenth meter is handled by the webshop so you can immediately pay by credit card or make a payment.
  - Our prices do not change after placing orders (100% price guarantee).
  - Continuously expanding, demanding and diverse range of goods.
  - 95% of our offer is stocked at our warehouse.
  - Store our goods in a humidity-free, dust-free, stable temperature storage room.
  - We carry out quality checks on the products when preparing the items.
  - Quick package launch nationwide (usually 1-2 business days).
  - We also provide on-site pickups and product reviews on scheduled dates.
  - We will not invite you to a continuous evaluation and we will not send you any disturbing newsletters.
  - Our company has been a reliable, 100% Hungarian owned family business since 2004.


Quality textiles - curtains, curtain curtains, blinds, blackout, home textiles, Loneta fabric, cotton, sheets, wax, angin, molino, burlap, panama, taffeta, crepe, flannel fabrics, patchwork fabrics, haberdashery, kids textiles materials, outdoor UV linen, bedspreads and bedding sets, pillows, Disney baby pillows, pillow cases at a low price, webshop.

Textile materials certified by OEKO-TEX®.
TextilPoint - the point you need.

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